Your Agronomic Command Center

Optimizer helps you maximize your yield in every zone

Plan: Build crop plans that work

Monitor: Measure weather and see impact

Respond: Adjust plans for natures curve balls

And Much More...

Customize Soil Zones: It all starts with the soil.
Soil Test Upload Screen

The greatest genetics in the world won't yield without soil. We provide you options when it comes to soils data. GOOD: Quick selection via Surety CLU integration. BETTER: Upload your custom management zones with soil test data. BEST: Upgrade your management zones with slope and curvature to describe water flow. Extend your impact on the farm and see interactions like never before.

• Don't have soil tests?
No problem! You can also select from Surety (try now).
Or simply upload SSURGO soils data in bulk (we use some smart swapping logic to make it easy to only use the best and newest).

• Want to use slope?
We wanted to make building a landscape map simple and fast. With one click you can convert a simple SSURGO soil type map to a custom management zone map that describes water flow.
Seed Profile: We set it up, but you can improve it.
Seed Profile Screen

Start by using our mathematical descriptions (aka: Seed Profiles). Then improve by based on your proprietary research. Don't worry, your Seed Profile edits are only available to your customers.

• Don't have variety by zone data?
No problem! All of our back testing was done with just default Seed Profiles! They have a .78 R-squared (which is pretty stinking good). Still not satisfied? Get our tech team to help you.

• New feature alert!
We added a corn dry down model for Harvest 2013. Using Seed Profiles we project and update grain moisture every day. Use it to time harvest for max yield or least drier cost... whichever fits your farm.
Crop Planning: Advanced what-if scenarios that are easy.
Crop Planning Screen

The first time you see your field we've already projected the yield based on area Standard Practices. This allows you to see immediate yield projections of average Joe on your farm. Then begin to change seed rate or variety to match your plan and see impact on projected yield. Cool, huh?

• Still using spreadsheets or paper?
Time to graduate. Savvy farmers demand sophisticated crop planning to improve yield and understand areas of risk. Since we enable changes fast, you can get thousands of reps before the real game.

• Want something even more advanced?
We enable you to change weather forecasts! Simply toggle to an El Nino or La Nina forecast for your region. This may help nudge rates one way or the other.
Field Workability: Age-old problem simplified.
Field Workability Screen

Ever moved fields because soil was too wet? Now you can see estimated soil moisture from your office or smartphone... updated every hour. This allows you to route staff appropriately and save fuel, labor and precious time.

• Not that spread out?
It's still valuable. Estimating soil saturation or drought has a tremendous impact on rate adjustments and you deserve insights like this!

• Hourly soil moisture
Besides color coding every field with Wet, Moist, Dry or Stressed, we also enable a tap for details and a select to zoom. This saves time so you can give your team direction on where to go next.
Crop Scouting: Dirty boots still apply.
Crop Scouting Screen

So if I can see all this without going to field why even go? Because there is always more to learn! Optimizer was created by a crop consultant who still crop scouts to this day. As an agronomic dashboard, we still believe you are the most appropriate person to input and adjust variables... and Optimizer helps save on scouting hours and miles.

• What if I don't want to scout?
No problem! Our model works without scouting, it just works even better with some occasional tweaks based on observations easy gained from your experience.
Virtual Rain Gauge: Rain makes grain, how much did you get?
Virtual Rain Gauge Screen

Radar covers lower 48 states of USA and we record it, clean it and post it to each field centroid. Seeing and recording is believing.

• Accurate and timely
Our provider claims within 5% accuracy and we believe it. Plus, now we check the gauges every hour and go one step further... and calculate the changing soil moisture. How's that for insights?

• What about irrigation?
We've got you covered. Reduced data entry and easy bulk edits.
Telemetry: Remote controlled equipment dispatch.
Telemetry Screen

Sound far fetched? Maybe, but other industry do this every day, why not ag? As equipment and personnel get mobile internet the possibility to route and optimize job orders increases dramatically.

• Route people and send files wirelessly
Connect multiple Users to your acres and get everyone on the same page. Download VR shapefiles or reroute team members. Not sure where field is? They can simply open the map on their smartphone.
VR Seed: Match variety and rate to soil and date.
VR Seed Screen

As seed costs escalate farmers are more inclined to perfect their rate selection. Our software streamlines comparisons and performs Solver calculations every day.

• Competitors already providing Rx?
It's just the beginning. Learn how we've helped dealers and entire companies deploy easy to use software across their sales force and increase farmer yields along the way.
VR Nitrogen: Hungry corn needs N.
VR Nitrogen Screen

We model nitrogen mineralization and loss on every zone within every field based on temperature, rainfall and variety uptake every night while you sleep.

• Not convinced it's possible?
Numerous plots prove that year-to-year weather has biggest influence on optimal nitrogen rate. Next influence? Soil organic matter, seed rate and planting date. Since we've got all that we can help you out big time... and automatically alert you. By unlocking Solver you can download unlimited VR-Nitrogen shapefiles and decide when going to the field makes the most sense based on your weather forecast. Sometimes it's just obvious.
Bill Aiken, AgView FS, Agronomy Sales and Marketing Consultant, Princeton, IL -